Recorded at Rockfield:
Is this the real life, Is this just fantasy, Caught in a landslide, No escape from reality - Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen
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This studio offers classic alternative vintage mic. amp/eq's consisting of -

NEVE 8128 inline console (non-automated customised 48 channel)

Outboard gear includes -
8 vintage NEVE 1061's Mic. Amp/EQ modules
10 vintage ROSSER Mic. Amp/EQ modules
3 vintage BBC Valve Mic. Amp. AMD/2/625
6 vintage API 550 EQ Modules

Pro Tools  8, HD2 (32 inputs, 40 outputs)
STUDER A820 24 track recorder
STUDER B67 - " machine
ADAMS SMITH Zeta 3 Synchroniser

KRK V8 series 2
Yamaha NS10
Built in JBL 4350 Monitors, bi-amped with IIII V800 Mos Fet Power Amps
7 x Furman Headphone Mixers  (hrm16)

Alan Smart C1 Stereo Compressor
4 x DBX160 Limiter / Compressor
1 x Tubetech LCA 2B Compressor / Limiter (stereo)
2 x Urei 1176 Limiters / Compressors
3 x Drawmer Stereo Pair Compressors
3 x Drawmer Stereo Pair Noise Gates
2 x Tubetech PE 1C Program Equaliser (mono)
KLARK TEKNIK DN27 (Stereo Graphic Eq)
KLARK TEKNIK DN22 (Graphic Eq)
Eventide H3000 Ultra Harmoniser
AMS DMX15-80S Stereo Digital Delay / Harmoniser
AMS RMX 16 Digital Reverberation
AMS Stereo Flanger / Phase Simulator 2.20
2 x TC Electronics TC2290 - 64 Secs sampling and fast trigger stereo
Ursa Major Stargate 323 Digital Reverb
Lexicon Digital Reverb 224XL
Yamaha SPX90 Mark II
KLARK TEKNIK DN34 (Analogue time processor)
Audio & Design Pan Scan
Orban De-esser
ART Digital Super effector / pitch transposer
Apex Systems aural exciter- type c
2 x Little Labs Line Booster

Neumann - U87, U47fet, KM84, TLM170*
AKG - C452, 451, 414, 202, D12, D25, D112, D224e, D190
Sennheiser - MD421, MD441, e606
Electro Voice - RE20, C515e, BK1
Shure - SM57, SM58, SM7b, 465d
Beyer - M69
Bruel & Kjaer- 4011*
Coles- 4038*
NS10 Speaker microphone

2 x Neuman U67
5 x Neuman SM2 Stereo
2 x Neuman KM56
1 x Neumann KM64*
2 x AKG C28
1 x AKG C12a
1 x AKG Solid Tube

* These microphones float between studios and are on a first option basis.

3 natural echo chambers up to 3.2 second reverb time
4 EMT 140 Stereo reverb plates

STUDIO - 48ft x 9ft x 12ft high
Main studio equipped with Yamaha Grand Piano, Hammond C3 Organ with Leslie
LIVE AREA - 10ft x 9ft
MAIN LIVE ROOM - 26ft x 14ft 6" x 11ft 6" high
Variable ambience room with maximum delay 3.2 seconds

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