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Course Overview

Use your head to guide your hands to make the hits the Rockfield way. 

Rockfield Studios will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2013 having recorded its first commercial clients in 1963 and becoming the world’s first residential studio in 1965.

The Coach House Studio, location for these recording masterclasses, was constructed in 1968.  Since then artists as diverse as Black Sabbath, Iggy Pop, Nigel Kennedy, The Stone Roses, New Order, Paul Weller and Simple Minds have all recorded in this room including the 1995 top selling album “What’s the Story Morning Glory” by Oasis.  It has been the studio of choice of well known producers including John Leckie, Hugh Jones, Gil Norton, Ian Broudie and Owen Morris.

These 3 day residential recording masterclasses are aimed at people with an interest in becoming sound engineers and record producers or for those who have their own studios at home that would like to learn from working engineers and producers about the basic principles of sound recording in a professional studio environment.  

Use your head…

One of the basic principles required is the ability to ‘use your head’, to consider what the client needs are, to have the ability to look at the facilities available and get the best use out of them in order to fulfil each particular recording session’s requirements. 

The Coach House Studio has successfully catered for an incredibly diverse range of artists and recordings over the years.  No two recording sessions have been set up the same way however all have had the same rooms, microphones, auxiliary equipment and facilities at their disposal.  The differences between each session has come from the sound engineers approach on how best to use what is available to suit the session that they are working on. 

These masterclasses aim to give students an insight into how to consider what the client wants and how best to adapt the recording space and facilities accordingly.  Every consideration will be looked at from interpreting what the client is looking for, how best to make the client comfortable in their surroundings and how to make the recording space available fit the clients needs. 

To guide your hands….

The most important aspects of live recording at a studio like Rockfield is enabling each musician to be physically in close enough proximity enabling them to play off each other to get a better feel to the recording.  Likewise, from a producer’s point of view it is much more convenient to have line of sight of each playing musician to interact with them visually as well as in a talk back mode. ‘To guide your hands’ is the practical application and setting up of any session taking into consideration all these aspects and adding the more important choice of microphones and their positioning to suit both instruments and amplifiers in order to achieve the right sound and feel for the client. 

On a masterclass, each student will learn about the many different microphones in Rockfield/s collection, when and where they should be used and how best to  utilise the physical space available in the Coach House.

To make the hits the Rockfield way 

The masterclasses will then include the practical application of the skills learnt through recording of musicians in situ and making monitor mixes of what is recorded whilst also incorporating the use of Rockfield’s unique natural echo chambers. All students on the course will stay in the Coach House Studio’s accommodation and be looked after by two of Rcckfield’s catering and housekeeping staff, Val and Amanda, thereby enjoying the real Rockfield experience!

We are now able to offer some more Residential Recording Masterclasses. Please contact Lisa via the Masterclass Enquiry Form on this site for more information and a registration pack.
New dates as follows:

  • July 15th to 17th inclusive
  • July 22nd to 24th inclusive
  • August 5th to 7th inclusive

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