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Each masterclass will be taken by 2 of Rockfield’s sound engineers and producers.  Between them they have many years experience of working with both famous and infamous recording clients both here at Rockfield and at many other top studios in the UK and abroad.  All students on a Rockfield Masterclass will therefore benefit from the experience gained over the years by professionals who are passionate about live recording.

Simon Dawson –
Since 1988 Simon has worked extensively at Rockfield starting as house engineer but later as a client and freelance music producer.  His extensive experience includes audio engineering in both live and studio environments, record production and co-production, Pro-Tools programming and project management. His cv reads like a ‘Who’sWho’ of top international artists covering many different genres of music.

Paul Cobbold -
Professional background as a musician (session and bands), sound recording engineer
and record producer, live sound engineer and project studio owner.  Full time lecturer/teacher in Recording Technology with accreditation for the teaching of adults.

“I have a passion for music and sound creation – live and recorded.  Equally a passion for enabling others to further indulge their cravings for experience and knowledge in these fields.  These masterclasses will hopefully provide many of the answers to questions generated from enquiring minds of potentially likeminded individuals”.

Phil Ault –
39 years of studio experience, dealing with most genres of music and in a multitude of
small and large studios, both with famous and unknown artists which has given Phil a unique insight into what’s required from a recording session and taught him the skills needed to deal with most eventualities in a professional way.

“Given the general state of the music industry and it’s contribution to the falling standard of recorded output over the last 15 years it’s obvious to me that in 10 years time there will be few people left to pass on practical knowledge at first hand.  I want music to sound real again – it’s not about what you record on to it’s how you do it,
making it sound an exciting or interesting performance and how you become part of a team to achieve that”.

Matt Butler –
30 years in recording studios with major artists worldwide.  Matt has lectured to 300+ students at a time at 2 high level colleges with close up classroom work in the studio to follow also. 

“I enjoy seeing how the students reacted to someone with real experience in a real recording environment”

Tim Lewis –
Tim has a professional background both working as an engineer since 1986 and as the studio manager and house engineer at Loco Studios from 1986 – 1996.  He also has been the keyboard player in a number of bands including the Julian Cope Group between 1994 and 2001, Coil from 1999 to 2004 and more recently Spiritualized from 1998 to 2008.  Currently engineering and producing material for Elizabeth Frazer and Spiritualized.

“As I maintain dual careers in both engineering and performing I feel this gives me an advantage in understanding the recording process from both perspectives”.

Ben Cunningham –
Ba Honours in Music and Recording from Salford but has been recording since the age of 13.  Ben has 5 years experience working in professional studios from tea-boy to assistant and more recently house engineer here at Rockfield.  In his career has worked with all levels of clients from unsigned bands to top international producers like Gil Norton and Steve Albini on sessions with the Manic Street Preachers, Paulo Nutini to Tony Iommi and Heaven and Hell. 

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